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Patient wellness

The emotional and physical comfort of patients matters to HomeLink Healthcare.

Our clinical teams are fully inducted into the HomeLink Healthcare philosophy for holistic and person-centred patient care. We expect and train our nursing and therapeutic staff to listen to the feelings behind the words expressed by patients and to offer emotional comfort as well as medical care and practical support.

We provide truly compassionate, caring practices that foster holistic wellbeing. Evidence shows that if emotional and practical comfort is given to patients and their families’ then health promotional activities are more likely to follow.

Comfort for carers

We also recognise that caring for a loved one can be the most rewarding but also most demanding challenges that we may have to face. HomeLink Healthcare understand that carers and social companionship are crucial to patient recovery.

We are creating wellbeing resources specially aimed at offering encouragement to patient’s families and carers, and where possible, we will link carers to relevant support bodies and offer advice and support through our care support team.

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