Recovery at home is a popular choice for many patients and clinicians. Recently HomeLink Healthcare provided care at home for a patient recovering from emergency surgery who required daily intravenous antibiotics for six weeks.

Faced with an extended hospital in-patient stay, and after careful assessment, the hospital clinical team referred the patient to HomeLink Healthcare for ongoing treatment at home.

Whilst being cared for by the HomeLink Healthcare Nurses, it was identified that the patient was suffering from increasing levels of pain. The change to baseline assessment was reported back to the hospital Doctor overseeing the patients care. A decision was made to transfer the patient back to hospital for review, utilising the pre-agreed ‘return to hospital pathway’, thus preventing unnecessary delay. Following repeat scans, and reassessment, within 48 hours the patient was transferred home again to complete their IV antibiotic therapy.

“This case is a good example of how patients can receive safe and high-quality care at home whilst their hospital doctor maintains clinical oversight”, comments Jill Ireland Clinical and Managing Director at HomeLink Healthcare. Jill continued, “Establishing safe and effective clinical care pathways for patients enables integrated care between the hospital and home. Good communication and teamwork between the acute hospital and the HomeLink Healthcare team ensured the patient was able to minimise their time in hospital, freeing up capacity for other patients”.

To find more read our case study ‘Improving Patient Flow Through Early Supported Discharge and Virtual Wards’ or contact Andy Collett 07984 570844

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