2023 staff survey delivers excellent results with 84% staff engagement

Company news Staff experiences 24th Jan 2024

Our 2023 staff survey showed an average staff engagement level of 84%. This is 6% higher than all organisations using the same index and 15% higher than NHS staff’s ‘enthusiasm about their job’ in 2022. 

HomeLink Healthcare use the Happiness Index to measure staff happiness and engagement. A part of this involves sending a detailed survey out to all staff members once a year. The results of our 2023 survey staff were excellent, with a score of 8.5 (85 percent) for ‘happiness’ and 8.4 (84 percent) for engagement.  

 At HomeLink Healthcare we live by our values: Compassion, Commitment to Quality Care, and Collaboration. We understand that having an engaged workforce is fundamental to delivering on these values, providing a positive patient experience and satisfying our clients.   

The word cloud below shows the words that were most frequently used in staff feedback.  

The Happiness Index is used by organisations across a wide range of sectors. Our average score is 6 percentage points above the average of all organisations using the index (7.8 or 78 percent).  

The table below is from the NHS Staff Survey  and shows that average staff engagements for nurses and healthcare assistants was 69 per cent in 2022.  

Whilst we are very pleased with the results we recognise that there is always room for improvement. Over the coming weeks each line manager will be discussing the results with their teams to look at where further improvements can be made. In addition every member of our Senior Leadership Team have made a commitment to further support our staff engagement. For example Jill Ireland, Chief Executive Offer has said: “I commit to leading the organisation that has a culture within which opportunities for personal growth, development, and valuing each and every person is at the heart of everything we do.”Jill Ireland, Chief Executive Officer  

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