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IV antibiotic care at home for patient and partner during an emotional time

Brian was referred to the HomeLink team with an exacerbation of Bronchiectasis. Over a four month period he received four courses of IV antibiotics, administered three times per day.

During this period the HomeLink Healthcare team got to know both Brian and his partner well.

Sadly, during this period, Brian’s partner was diagnosed with cancer, which necessitated two admissions to hospital.

As Brian’s treatment was being administered at home he was able to focus on being at home to support his partner as well as aid his own recovery.

The HomeLink team provided emotional support to both Brian and his partner over what was a difficult and emotional time for them both.

When Brian’s partner was in hospital, our HomeLink Nurses were able to reschedule visits to administer Brian’s antibiotics in the hospital when he was visiting so he could continue to support his partner.

Having treatment at home has been invaluable for Brian, both he and his partner have expressed gratitude to the team for every episode of care.

IV antibiotic care for patient in his place of work ensuring recovery outside of a hospital setting

John, 54 was in hospital and needed a course of intravenous antibiotics to complete his treatment.

John runs two businesses and, when it was suggested that HomeLink Healthcare could provide this treatment at home, he initially refused saying that he didn’t have time to receive treatment during the day at home

The HomeLink team were able to safely offer his treatment at 7pm at his place of work which meant that John received the treatment he needed at a time and place that worked well for him. At the same time his hospital bed was freed up for another patient.   

Wound care at home provided to prevent patient attending hospital

Graham needed wound care treatment on alternate days and was told that he would need to contact District Nurses or his GP to arrange this treatment.

Graham was struggling to get an appointment with his GP and, as he wasn’t housebound, he didn’t fall into the criteria for visits from District Nurses.

The HomeLink Healthcare team spoke to Graham’s Consultant to explain the situation and advised that HomeLink could carry out this treatment. The Consultant agreed that this was a good solution, and the team photographed the would every dressing change for the Consultant to review remotely. 

Package of Care delivered in conjunction with social services

Barbara was keen to increase her independence when she started receiving a HomeLink Healthcare Package of Care in November 2022.

Initially this involved three home visits each day which included physiotherapy. HomeLink Healthcare liaised with the local Social Worker to ensure Barbara was well cared for whilst her ongoing package of care was being arranged.

By the time her ongoing care was transferred to a social care provider six weeks later, Barbara’s need for support had reduced to one visit a day.

With HomeLink’s provision Barbara was able to leave hospital in a timely manner. She also received the additional support she needed at a time when her daughter was unable to visit regularly due to ongoing health issues. Finally the amount of ongoing care, and the subsequent cost to social services was significantly lower than it might have been without HomeLink Healthcare’s intervention.   

Close collaboration and involvement in MDT helps patient receiving VAC wound care

Following a mastectomy which had become infected, Susan was left with a gaping hole in her chest that was 6cm deep.  HomeLink Healthcare visited her twice-weekly to remove fluid and infection from the wound using a VAC pump.  We also visited her occasionally in an emergency when the VAC dressing became loose or disconnected. 

At her hospital appointments, the HomeLink team attended  the multi-disciplinary meetings where her Consultant, Plastics Nurses, Tissue Viability and a private dressing company discussed possible options.  

It was agreed that a vegetable based medical graft dressing would be applied in January 2023, however, due to the exudate it was not possible to have regular dressings and the VAC was reapplied with the graft. Positive results meant that another graft was applied in April 2023 which saw vast improvements. She was soon discharged from our service.  

Having continuous treatment over a prolonged period of time left Susan very anxious, and resulted in a decline in her mental health. She was, however, always appreciative of our service and thanked us at each visit for the support we had given her. She often spoke about how grateful she was that we kept her out of hospital. We, as a team, found this to be incredibly rewarding. 

Patient needing complex wound care was treated at home saving over 10 weeks of bed days

Tom was suffering from empyema and a severe infection in his lung had caused a catastrophic hole in his chest cavity.

He was visiting hospital three times a week to have his VAC dressings changed by Thoracic surgeons.

The hospital team entrust HomeLink Healthcare to treat patients with similar complex wounds and to send regular photos into the hospital for review.

As a result of this service Tom  was able to leave hospital 10 weeks earlier than he might otherwise. He was very complementary about the service and is grateful that he was able to remain at home with his wife and dog during his treatment. 

Word cloud from our patient feedback:

Examples of patient feedback:

“Your staff all showed genuine care kindness. They all brought reassurance, warmth and understanding. Plus they never seemed hurried! They all brought calmness. They were excellent.”


“This service is brilliant. Without it I would have been in hospital for weeks blocking a much needed bed and unable to do anything. All of the staff who came to provide treatment were very professional, efficient, respectful and interacted with my wife and I exactly at the right level. Thank you.”


“The whole team were excellent punctual professional and co-ordinate with other disciplines – I do not see how this could be improved upon. Many thanks for your input.”


“You did everything exceptionally and allowed me to leave hospital six weeks earlier than planned because of the service you provided. THANK YOU!!”


“I cannot praise the team highly enough, nothing was too much trouble, I never felt rushed and they were all great. Brilliant concept, I feel so fortunate to have been able to receive this service”


“I would like to say a huge thank you to your team that were involved in my treatment. They are professional, hardworking, inspirational, dedicated, caring and above all great ambassador for the NHS.”


“All the different departments worked so well together and the co-ordination and planning of my treatment was nothing short of first class.”

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