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Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett
Community Nurse, Norfolk & Norwich, James Paget

How has your experience of working for HomeLink Healthcare been? 

It’s the best job I’ve had in years. I started working for the NHS when I was 18, I’m now 60. I retired at 55 and went part-time for a few years, and left for a few years, thinking I would never go back to nursing. Last year I joined HomeLink. It went against the grain as I said I’d never work for a private company, but as they work with the NHS that smoothed it for me. 

I’ve never worked for anybody like it – everybody is so lovely. When you talk to the managers, it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to senior people, it’s more like talking to another team member. I started working in June 2020, and first we go and shadow other nurses to see what the job’s like. Everyone was telling me how fantastic it was and I kept coming home and saying to my family, ‘They’re only telling me the good bits, it can’t be as good as they say it is’. Now, when people shadow me, I’m telling them how good it is!

What’s the best thing about working with HomeLink Healthcare? 

You’re allowed to do the job how you believe it should be done. It’s all about the quality as opposed to the quantity of work. We get scheduled an hour for a visit, but there’s time built in on either side so if you need to be there longer to do the job properly that’s not a problem. As a nurse, I want to be able to do the best job I can and not feel pressured that I’m there for too long and they never put you under any pressure.

What’s the patient care like? 

Very, very good. The feedback from patients is always great – even verbal feedback at the visit. Patients are always talking about how everyone who comes to see them is happy in their job, and how they appreciate being at home not at hospital, sleeping in their own bed and eating their own food. I predominantly do IV (Intravenous Antibiotic) visits but there’s always scope to do a bit more if that’s what the patient needs. For some patients, we’re the only people they see every day, so being able to have a chat with them, pass some time of the day together, it makes the visit that much nicer for them.

Do you feel supported in your role? 

The peer support and management is very good: although you work on your own, you don’t feel like you’re on your own. If you feel rusty in something, you ask for a half-day on a ward and they will build that into your schedule. They encourage you to let them know if there are things you need to catch up on or practice again. And it all kicks back to the fact they are really hot on the quality of the service we provide, and as a nurse you want to provide that quality, you don’t want to do a half-hearted job, and HomeLink allows you to do it to the best of your ability.

What would you say to someone considering joining HomeLink? 

Go for it. Definitely. It’s a bit embarrassing when I meet up with old health colleagues, as I always say ‘Oh it’s lovely, are you sure you don’t want to come work for us?’ It does sound too good to be true when you talk about it, but it really is such a lovely job, and lovely people you’re working with.

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