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April Thompson

April Thompson
Head of Therapies

What does your role involve? 

I’ve got a number of hats in the company! I oversee one of the London therapy services with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, helping with the coordination and smooth running of the service. As a CQC registered manager, I oversee the clinical safety of our services, look after our nursing staff and packages of care, and make sure everything is running smooth and safe for our patients.

How would you describe the company’s support of staff members? 

One of the comments we often get back from our staff is how supportive we are as a company and that it feels like such a nice family to work with. Everyone’s friendly and approachable. We’re able to support our staff in terms of their family commitments – if there’s a problem they can speak to us quite openly, we don’t have that culture of blame and we really value honesty, trust and transparency. Our staff really feel that.

Has HomeLink changed since you joined? 

HomeLink is such an evolving company. When I first joined it was relatively small and since that time it has grown exponentially. In that transition phase it’s really exciting as we can think more creatively about roles, give wrap-around support, help people develop their careers and provide training. There’s a real culture of learning and development and support.

What elements make it a good place for staff to work? 

The tech, in terms of how we do our scheduling, helps to drive down increased travelling for our staff. We make sure they have the best routes to patients so they’re not driving miles and miles every day. And all their travel time is paid. 

The supportive nature, flexibility we offer, and creativity in terms of job roles are all bonuses, too. Our work with the NHS – set up to plug gaps not replicate what’s there – is a new way of working which people may not have experienced before, and it’s a great opportunity and very exciting to be able to work in those roles.

What do you enjoy about working for HomeLink? 

It’s great. I love it. I’ve got a broad clinical background – community, NHS and private – and I was trying to understand bed blockages and why it was so difficult to move people from hospital to community. And I realised the best way to work in this area is in the community – hence HomeLink. That’s where you can really affect change, be creative, talk to stakeholders to understand where gaps are and help to create these pathways and relieve services. And that helps the NHS most in that sense, too.

What would you say to someone considering joining HomeLink? 

It can be scary: especially if you’re coming from the NHS, stepping out that first time to private can be daunting. But there are so many benefits that come from this transition. You can do a lot more, and there’s a lot more support available and freedom to be able to work creatively to support patients. 

Be brave, be bold. If you’re not sure, just pick up the phone and have a conversation with us and we can chat about the roles, company, and any fears you might have. People might have questions or think they can’t do it for x, y or z reasons – but we’re very flexible and do our best to support people. We pride ourselves on giving people that opportunity to take a firm step in their career ladder.

Looking for your next role in healthcare? Give us a ring and let’s have a chat.

At HomeLink Healthcare, we’re currently looking for a number of brilliant individuals for roles in some of our UK teams, from community-based physiotherapists to registered nurses. If you’re looking for the next step in your career, keen to get back to community caring, or simply interested in finding out more about working with us – don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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