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About HomeLink Healthcare 

At HomeLink Healthcare we believe that everyone has the right to be treated in the place they call home rather than in the hospital when it is clinically safe to do so.  

HomeLink Healthcare provides high-quality Hospital at Home services to NHS patients through a multi-disciplinary team of Nurses, Physiotherapists and Healthcare Support Workers.  

We do this through a number of pathways including: Early Supported Discharge, Discharge to Assess, Virtual Ward, Re-ablement, Intermediate Care, Bridging Packages of Care and Admission Avoidance.  

Our Age-friendly Employer PledgeAge-friendly employer

HomeLink Healthcare has signed the Age-friendly Employer Pledge, a nationwide programme run by the Centre for Ageing Better. By signing the pledge we are showing our commitment to older workers and making our workplace age-friendly.

This means we’re taking action to improve our recruitment, retention and development of workers aged 50 and over. Being a part of the pledge means we draw on a wider pool of applicants for each job. It means older workers can continue to thrive and contribute in our organisation. And it means we can benefit from the innovation and productivity boost that multigenerational workforces bring.

For more information about the pledge, visit: Age-friendly Employer Pledge

Staff feedback 

“It’s the best place I’ve ever worked”, Elaine, Clinical and Operational Lead, RN

“It’s all about quality rather than quantity of work”, Michele, Healthcare Support Worker 

“We really value honesty, trust and transparency. Our staff really feel this”, April, Head of Clinical & Operational Services 

“For me, this company is very supportive. I can’t say a bad word about them.” Igor, Physiotherapist 

How do HomeLink support staff to deliver high quality care?

HomeLink Healthcare are led by clinicians and have a supportive management culture.  

We provide 24/7 in-house clinical support. This means that you can always have a conversation with a clinician who understands your questions.  

Our accessible electronic patient record system means no need for endless paperwork to complete, allowing staff to spend quality time with each patient.  

Read more about quality on our about us page.

How do HomeLink support career development?

All staff are supported with an in-depth programme of training which is a mix of online, Teams and face-to-face. Staff are also encouraged to participate in relevant external training and we allocate up to five paid study days for staff members. 

Annual appraisals and development plans are in place to support our people to develop their careers. We encourage career development and rotation between different services.

From a Therapy perspective we’ve implemented a band five to band six training programme to support newly graduated physiotherapists. This provides support around leadership, management and patient care.  

What do salary and benefits look like?

  • We have our own in-house pension scheme and staff can opt for us to pay into a pension of their choice. 
  • All professional registration fees are paid for. Our community staff  are paid from home to home in terms of mileage and time.  
  • An in-depth training programme includes up to five paid study days per year for personal study.  
  • Staff receive 33 days holiday per year plus their birthday off.

Do you offer flexible working?

Our service runs from early morning to late in the evening. Due to the nature of the work there is often flexibility in the hours that we provide services and therefore which staff can work. We will always do our best to offer flexibility to suit individual staff schedules and commitments, whilst ensuring we can meet the needs of our patients. 

What support do you offer for travel / car expenses?

All staff will need to drive and have access to a car. We pay 45p per mile travel expenses.  

We can provide staff with expenses loans so that staff are not out of pocket. 

How many patients will I see each day?

Our staff carry out on average five visits per shift and spend a minimum of 45 minutes with patients on each visit.  

What wellbeing resources are available to staff?

The happiness and well-being of our staff is as important to us. Resources include an Employee Assistance Programme; access to a well-being app and website with useful tools and resources 

As long as policies are followed we operate a no blame culture that encourages us to learn from mistakes. Regular open-door sessions with senior leaders and freedom-to-speak guardians provide opportunities for staff to share concerns or something positive with our senior leaders. 

Our staff survey and Happiness Index enables staff to provide anonymous feedback on how they are feeling at any time. Read about our 2023 survey results here.

Can you play a part in our future?  

If you are kind, a great team player, have relevant experience and are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients we’d love to hear from you. 

Our values:

Find out more about what it is like working with HomeLink Healthcare  


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“You’re empowered to do the job how you believe it should be done. It’s all about the quality as opposed to the quantity of work. As a nurse, I want to be able to do the best job I can.”

Elaine, Community Nurse

 “It’s the best place I’ve ever worked. You’re treated with respect. You feel like your own boss. They listen to you; they’re willing to listen to any ideas you might have. It’s like another world.”

Michele, Healthcare Assistant

“I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful team at HomeLink Healthcare, providing therapies for those in need.”

Gryte, Rehabilitation Support Worker

“HomeLink Healthcare is a fantastic place to work. I’ve never been as happy as I am now.”

Katrina, Healthcare Assistant

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