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What is HomeLink Plus?

HomeLink Plus is a differentiated Intermediate Care at Home service that fills the gap between health and social care. HomeLink Plus benefits patients, the ICB, Trusts, Local Authorities and Community Care.  

An ‘at home ward’ of hospital beds enable patients to receive Intermediate Care at Home as soon as they are medically stable.  

HomeLink Healthcare manage the patient discharge process and  provide care and support at home for up to six weeks. During this time patients will then either complete their recovery, be in a position to be supported by family members, or HomeLink Healthcare will oversee the transfer to a other providers for longer term support.  

HomeLink Plus improves patient flow, reduces costs and is complementary to Virtual Wards. 

A combination of two service models 

HomeLink Plus supports a mixed cohort of patients through a combination of two existing service models: 

  • Rehabilitation Intermediate Care: An AHP-led service for patients with rehabilitation potential, aligned to national guidance. 
  • Package of Care Plus: A nurse or AHP-led bridging service for patients requiring nursing and physiotherapy in addition to personal care.  

The rehabilitation focus will assist the patient to quickly achieve their new baseline for independence. This will reduce the likelihood of readmission and minimise or remove the need for long term care.  

How does it work?

  • A full ward of ‘hospital beds’ at home is commissioned at a fixed price. These ‘beds’ enable patients to receive Intermediate Care at Home as soon as they are medically stable.  
  • Care is provided by a HomeLink Healthcare community multi-disciplinary team of nurses, physiotherapists and reablement support workers.  
  • Patients can be discharged as soon as medically stable or avoid admission. This frees up bed capacity.  
  • When one patient ‘leaves’ the service, a bed becomes free, and another patient is admitted to the at-home ward.  
  • The  fixed cost per bed equates to approximately 60 percent of a typical in-patient cost and under half that of an escalation bed. 
  • HomeLink Plus is essentially a ‘Virtual Ward for discharged patients’, where medical accountability sits with the GP. 

How is this different from HomeLink Healthcare’s usual offer 

  • HomeLink Plus is specifically for Intermediate Care patients.  
  • Offers assured care capacity for 28* patients through a community MDT, for up to six weeks. *the number would be confirmed following a feasibility assessment  
  • MDT support includes intensive physiotherapy in the first two weeks where clinically indicated, to maximise reablement potential.  
  • Is delivered at a fixed cost charged on a ‘per bed’ (not ‘per visit’) basis that is c50-60% of in-hospital care.  

HomeLink Plus benefits the whole system 

HomeLink Plus is aligned to national guidance which points to the majority of Intermediate Care being delivered to patients at home by a community MDT.  

HomeLink Plus benefits the whole system and is a solution for the future of the NHS and integrated care:  

Work with us

We offer a free, no obligation feasibility assessment. Let us visit your hospital and create a costed proposal so you can see the impact that HomeLink Plus could have on patient flow.   

Find out more about the process of commissioning HomeLink Healthcare to set up a hospital at home service.

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To speak to a member of our team about our Intermediate Care at Home services, call us on (020) 3137 5370 or contact us. You can tell us about your situation, and we can tell you more about our experience of early supported discharge and how we might be able to help you. 


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“You did everything exceptionally and allowed me to leave hospital six weeks earlier than planned because of the service you provided.


Patient feedback

“I am so grateful to have been referred to HomeLink Healthcare, they have really helped me get back on my feet. If I had stayed in the hospital I would not have achieved everything I have done”

Patient feedback

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and let you know that the work you do makes a true difference to people’s lives and wellbeing.”

Dr Vassiliki Bravis Consultant, Imperial College London

“Exceptional, amazing service with highly qualified staff. I felt confident at all times that staff knew how to deal with my picc line and my four times-a-day antibiotics was made easier by such lovely caring and compassionate staff”

Patient feedback

“The visiting therapist took her time with me, was always providing encouragement and without that I wouldn’t be at the point I am today.”

Patient feedback

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