Integrated care service for ICBs:

Transformative Care for Complex Patients Post-Hospital

A new fixed-price solution to productivity challenges and improving patient outcomes 

Often patients can’t be discharged from hospital (or avoid admission) due to the delay in assembling care packages from multiple providers, e.g. Domiciliary Care, Community Physiotherapy and Community/District Nursing. These delays cause deconditioning of patients, additional costs and a shortage of beds for elective care and admissions from Emergency Departments.

Our Integrated Care at Home service provides an ‘at home ward’ of hospital beds, at a fixed price. The ‘ward’ enables patients to receive Intermediate Care at Home for up to 6 weeks as soon as they are medically stable. During this time patients will then either complete their recovery, be in a position to be supported by family members, or HomeLink Healthcare will oversee the transfer to a other providers for longer term support. Once a ‘bed’ is freed up, the ward can take on another patient.

Key features 

Patient-centred holistic care:

Our Integrated Care Service prioritises the individual needs of patients, ensuring a personalised and patient-centred approach. Traditional models are based on available resource and can be a postcode lottery. With our new Integrated Care Service, care and support is delivered based on patient needs to maximise recovery in whatever form it takes. By focusing on holistic care, we empower patients to regain independence and achieve optimal recovery within the comfort of their own homes.

Proven cost-effectiveness: 

As a provider with a track record in clinical hospital-at-home care since 2016, HomeLink Healthcare brings you a cost-effective solution. Our Integrated Care Service delivers quantifiable improvements and reablement, contributing to lower future costs while maintaining high-quality care standards. Providing care at home is a lower cost alternative to providing additional inpatient beds (escalation capacity), in one study in the East of England our service was (on average) 45% of the cost of the patient remaining in hospital.

MDT approach for comprehensive support: 

Our multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach ensures targeted, timely, and holistic care at home for complex patients post-hospitalisation. By addressing the most critical phase of the post-hospital journey, we facilitate a smoother transition for patients, helping them achieve the best recovery they can make. This focus on patients reaching a higher level of independence than standard discharge reduces the dependence on longer term system support (saving cost) and helps people return to being economically active.

System-wide productivity benefits: 

Embracing our Integrated Care Service translates to system-wide benefits, including increased inpatient bed capacity facilitating flow from ED and achieving elective targets, better patient outcomes, reduced strain on stretched services/reduce needs for ongoing social care, and a positive impact on overall healthcare costs. It’s a win-win solution that elevates patient care and streamlines healthcare resources. 

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To speak to a member of our team about how our service model works, call us on (020) 3137 5370 or contact us. You can tell us about your situation, and we can tell you more about our experience and how we might be able to help you. 


Case study

Partnership with HomeLink saves 20,000 bed days at James Paget Hospital

Hospital at Home, Partnerships

The service, known as Paget at Home, creates an additional ward of capacity every day, by providing treatment and care at home to patients who would otherwise have remained in hospital.

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Case study

Collaboration with four NHS organisations frees up two hospital wards every day

Hospital at Home, Partnerships

HomeLink Healthcare has been working across Norfolk & Waveney ICS alongside multiple NHS organisations to respond to exceptional capacity challenges.

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Company news

2023 staff survey delivers excellent results with 84% staff engagement

Staff experiences

HomeLink Healthcare use the Happiness Index to measure staff happiness and engagement. Read more about the results of the survey here.

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Case study

Joined-up work demonstrates compassion and helps avoid two hospital admissions

Hospital at Home, Patient experiences

Whilst the multi-disciplinary team were constructing a longer-term plan, the HomeLink team recognised where and how the couple were struggling and prevented two hospital re-admissions.

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Thought leadership

NEW White Paper: Virtual Wards – Achieving the Ambition, Delivering the Benefits

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How well is the NHS doing against its ambitions in terms of capacity and occupancy? What needs to be done? And what does good look like?

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“You did everything exceptionally and allowed me to leave hospital six weeks earlier than planned because of the service you provided.


Patient feedback

“I am so grateful to have been referred to HomeLink Healthcare, they have really helped me get back on my feet. If I had stayed in the hospital I would not have achieved everything I have done”

Patient feedback

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and let you know that the work you do makes a true difference to people’s lives and wellbeing.”

Dr Vassiliki Bravis Consultant, Imperial College London

“Exceptional, amazing service with highly qualified staff. I felt confident at all times that staff knew how to deal with my picc line and my four times-a-day antibiotics was made easier by such lovely caring and compassionate staff”

Patient feedback

“The visiting therapist took her time with me, was always providing encouragement and without that I wouldn’t be at the point I am today.”

Patient feedback

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