Covid-19 sent shock waves through Britain’s national health service, exposing fragilities, underlining insecurities, and pushing many hospitals to the brink. The pandemic has both exacerbated existing issues and added fresh challenges.

Even before coronavirus swept through the UK, the NHS was struggling. Overwhelmed hospital capacities, protracted A&E waits and staff shortages signalled a looming crisis. The NHS was rapidly mobilised in response. Non-urgent care was scaled back, elective surgeries were cancelled. Infection control measures added to mounting capacity challenges: fewer beds spaced further apart.

There are many lessons to be learnt from the pandemic. In healthcare, every answer points to the need to care for more people at home.

Since 2016, HomeLink Healthcare has been collaborating with various partners to combat these challenges. How do we do this?

  • With multidisciplinary teams that provide expert home care
  • By embracing technological advances and digital healthcare
  • By creating bespoke services that complement and ease existing systems.

In our paper Hospital at home in the time of COVID-19, we consider what we have learned over the past months and the opportunities for long term improvement in our health system.

Read the full case study here.
Or download the pdf here.

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