Therapeutic interventions such as physiotherapy, are an essential part of a patient’s recovery – not just following an injury or illness, but also in preventing deterioration that would otherwise lead them to seeking a stay in hospital. However, rehabilitation does not always need to be driven by a Therapist.

With continual pressure on the NHS, workforce issues and the need to do more for less – how can we support our patients to be the best they can?

We often hear of the term “Enablement” but what does this really mean? As clinicians we are all driven by ensuring our patients are given the best, high quality care that we can within the constraints of a growing caseload with time and budgetary pressures. However, by doing everything for someone, are we actually doing nothing and therefore preventing them from reaching their full potential?

Enablement is the term given to empower individuals to have the confidence and means to do something themselves and get better more quickly.

All to often, we see clinicians washing patients, making their lunches whilst the patient sits there passively accepting this care. However asking the patient to engage with these activities not only gives them purpose to their days, but it also means that they get much needed exercise!

Making a cup of tea uses a range of muscles and brain stimulation in terms of cognitive sequencing that for some may be the only exercise they get that day.

There are some individuals who won’t be able to do this, but how do we know if we don’t try?

So – Instead of making a sandwich for someone, support them to do this themselves. Walk with them to kitchen and be there to provide the support and encouragement to make their lunch themselves. When you ask them if they want a cup of tea – ask if they can help you with it.

Call to action

  • Let’s empower our patients to engage in their recovery
  • Let’s support patients to be the best they can be
  • Let’s work collaboratively to ensure that care is available for those who really need it.

To find out more about how HomeLink Healthcare are supporting patients’ rehabilitation needs contact:

April Thompson Head of Therapies

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