He was advised by his medical team that treatment for this condition would involve a long-term stay in the hospital where he would receive antibiotics, twice a day. Bill found the suggestion of a lengthy hospital stay extremely frustrating and impractical, as it meant that he would not be at home to help care for and spend time with his wife who was also dealing with her own personal healthcare needs.

HomeLink Healthcare was contacted by his consultant to discuss if Bill could possibly receive his treatment in the comfort of his own home. Following this initial discussion, one of our highly skilled and qualified senior clinical community nurses went to the hospital ward to assess Bill. During the assessment visit the HomeLink Healthcare Nurse liaised with Bill’s family, ward, medical and pharmacy staff to ensure that the appropriate decision makers had all the relevant information and facts to make an informed decision about home care.

Based on his personal needs, Bill was offered home care and within 24 hours from the first point of referral he was assigned a team of 2 nurses who were responsible for the continuity of care in the comfort of his own home, and his intravenous antibiotics were administered at home twice daily. Regular communication occurred between the HomeLink team and Bills hospital consultant in addition, one of our senior clinical managers reviewed Bill at home, to ensure that he was settled in and all his needs were being met. Bill was thankful and relieved that he was able to receive the treatment he needed safely at home while having the peace of mind that his wife and her needs were also being sustained.

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