If private providers of health services are really to be partners with the NHS then now more than ever they must take some of the strain as the Coronavirus escalates, but how? HomeLink Healthcare have some of the answers.

Whilst it is hard to predict the future effects of the Coronavirus on health services it does now seem certain that significant secondary care bed capacity will need to be generated to cope with the crisis. However, with the current levels of bed occupancy in hospitals already far in excess of what is considered safe this is certainly not providing any headroom for the problems ahead. However as with any risk-based decision making, such as patient discharge, changing the profile either entails increased risk or a change in environment. This is where NHS private partners can help.

Clinically led and owned, HomeLink Healthcare believe that our role is to act as true supporters of NHS organisations. Focusing on helping to solve problems for the Trust, understanding their needs and being a flexible partner, not a contracted supplier. By delivering a range of virtual ward, supported discharge and social care bridging services we free-up hospital beds and improve flow but more importantly, get patients back into their own homes sooner whilst providing a great patient experience. These services do the rights things for patients but with the looming Coronavirus crisis being able to safely free-up hospital beds is no longer a nice to have but a critical service. This means moving beyond commercial agreements and just doing the right thing for the patient, the organisation and the country.

Risks needs to be shared; HomeLink need to, and can, mobilise swiftly and with flexibility to get patients in their own beds quickly, and do so without recruiting local hospital resources. Trusts need to act decisively, give clear instructions to their new partners and focus on the big picture. At times of crisis you need trusted partners and common goals; HomeLink Healthcare wants to look after hospital patients in their own homes and the hospitals need those beds.

Partnership is about working together and trusting in each other’s intentions and motives and this is why HomeLink Healthcare is indeed a good partner in troubled times.

Jon Green Advisory Consultant 

To find out more please contact Andy Collett 07984 570844 andy.collett@homelinkhealthcare.co.uk

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