Admission avoidance pathways

What is the problem? 

  • Attendance at major emergency departments is up 13% over 10 years, NHS Confederation
  • 1 in 3 adults over 65 have at least one fall a year, NHS England 
  • Hospital emergency admissions due to falls cost the NHS £2.3bn per annum, Age UK  

Many hospital admissions can be avoided 

Many hospital admissions related to long-term conditions could potentially be avoided with timely and effective community care.  

Research shows that areas that spend more on community care relative to need experience lower acute demand, including 15% lower non-elective admission rates and 10% lower ambulance conveyance rates. 

How admission avoidance helps 

Personalised care approaches and community health services can reduce pressures on hospitals and emergency services by supporting patients at home and in the community. Admission avoidance supports the flow of patients within the system, helps keep patients well for longer and gives patient with greater choice and control. This leads to better long-term benefits for the NHS and outcomes for patients. 

As well as helping to get people out of hospital when it is clinically safe to do so, HomeLink Healthcare also help reduce the need for people to be in hospital in the first place. By avoiding hospital admissions in the first place, beds are freed up for those who really need them. 

Admission avoidance is suitable for a range of patients including those with chronic, acute and preventable conditions.  

Referrals for admission avoidance are typically made by GPs, Emergency Departments and early interventions teams. 

Read our admission avoidance case studies 

Our case studies provide examples of how admission avoidance has helped Ron, a respiratory patient and Brian, who has Type 2 diabetes avoid hospital admissions. They also highlight the wider benefits that admission avoidance can have on patients and the NHS.

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We report a suite of admission avoidance key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time, so commissioners have complete transparency about what we are doing and how we are doing it.  To find out more about the process of commissioning HomeLink Healthcare to set up a Hospital at Home service, click on the button below.

To speak to a member of our team about admission avoidance, call us on (020) 3137 5370 or email us below. You can tell us about your situation, and we can tell you more about our experience and how we might be able to help you.


Case study

Admission avoidance case studies

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Read about the benefits of admission avoidance to patients.

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“You did everything exceptionally and allowed me to leave hospital six weeks earlier than planned because of the service you provided.


Patient feedback

“I am so grateful to have been referred to HomeLink Healthcare, they have really helped me get back on my feet. If I had stayed in the hospital I would not have achieved everything I have done”

Patient feedback

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and let you know that the work you do makes a true difference to people’s lives and wellbeing.”

Dr Vassiliki Bravis Consultant, Imperial College London

“Exceptional, amazing service with highly qualified staff. I felt confident at all times that staff knew how to deal with my picc line and my four times-a-day antibiotics was made easier by such lovely caring and compassionate staff”

Patient feedback

“The visiting therapist took her time with me, was always providing encouragement and without that I wouldn’t be at the point I am today.”

Patient feedback

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